I want to exercise my Freedom of Conscience – What should I do?

If you wish to exercise your human right to Freedom of Conscience, let your employer know.

If you experience any difficulty communicating with your employer or you feel that your rights are not being respected or acknowledged, contact a Solicitor and your Trade Union representative (if applicable). If you would like us to assist or to contact you please complete the form here. We’re here to help you. Please note that we will keep all of your information strictly confidential and will not disclose it to anyone unless you wish us to do so.

Retain every written communication you have with your employer and make a written record of every relevant oral communication with your employer.

Do not post about your situation on any social media platform.

If you are experiencing any difficulty or wish to speak to someone before asserting your right to Freedom of Conscience, please take a moment to complete the form here and someone will be in touch with you.